Olenko’s Raw Salad Pizza

This pizza is so easy to make : ) and it taste great!

Sweet Potato-Carrot Crackers

I  make the crackers in my dehydrator when I make a vegetable juice from the leftover juice pulp. You can also make them on the lowest setting in the oven. You can use zucchini, celery, parsnip, pumpkin, beets, peppers, onion. For this  crackers you will need the sweet potato-carrot pulp or just sweet potatoes and carrots mixed in the Vitamix or food processor. In the large bowl mix flaxseeds or chia seeds with pure water, wait 20min and when will get thick add it to the pulp. Add pink Himalayan salt, cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika and Bragg nutritional yeast. Mix everything well with the big spoon. Form individual circles shape crackers and then put them on a teflon sheets and dehydrate for 5-6h on 110F and flip it over and dehydrate them until dry. Store it a glass container for 2 weeks. They are also great with raw soups, as a raw sandwich or with salads.


In the Vitamix mix fresh basil, parsley, salt, lemon juice, black pepper and Brazilian nuts ( or any other raw nuts you like). 


On the cracker place fresh organic veggies or greens like arugula or spinach with peppers and onions, or whatever you like. I used tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet peas shoots, fresh basil and Peruvian raw olives. Add the dressing on the top. Enjoy : )


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